Thank you to all Involved
Especially the Hosts - Blessing Farms

"The Touch" averaged $5,552
With 77 Head selling into 16 states as well as British Columbia and Ontario
10 Lots sold for over $10,000

  We were pleased with the participation in The Breeder's Touch. The first "must" in any success offering is the highest level consignments obtainable. We are proud to have enjoyed the support of all the Active Master Breeder Award winners as well as other leading breeders of today.  

The High Seller at $23,000   Sold in Absentia for $19,000
highseller   brownheaven
Twinkle Hill Cadence Oakley
  Friends of Brown Heaven Bloom Bublegum ET
Pictured with friends (l to r): Lee Barber, sales team; Ken Main, buyer with Peter Vail; Brian Garrison, sales team; Kathi Brown-Meier holding Oakley; Laurie, Jeannie and John Winkelman, happy consignors. Wayne Sliker, sales director, and Darrell Worden, auctioneer, in the box.   Bublegum sold in absentia to Bradner Farms, BC. Pictured (l to r): Lee Barber, sales team; Aaron Tompkins, cowbuyer.com, agent for buyers; Dave Rousseau and Josee Charron with their children; Richard Keplar representing Tom Mecuro, contendor; Brian Garrison, sales team.
Selling for $14,500 -
from the Breed's 1st 95 pointer
Wizard's fancy summer yearling - $12,750
kandidcalf     winning  
Cutting Edge C Kitty ET   Top Acres HP B Winning ET
Kitty was the high seller from the row of top notch winter calves (l to r): Lee Barber, sales team; Ken Main, consignor; Kendall Willrath, holding Kitty; Richard Love, buyer; Brian Garrison, sales team.

  Pictured with (l to r): Brian Garrison, sales team; Marlin Gaff holding Winning; Brian and Alena Pacheco, contending bidders after buying special calves for their children. Buyer - John Hughes, OH.


More High Sellers

$11,700 - Top Acres Bonanza Wizkee ET
Buyers: Manion & Ayars, OH      Consignor: Top Acres, OH

$11,000 - LaRainbow Sweet Reality
Buyers: Sexing Technologies, TX      Consignor: Brian Lammers, OH

$11,000 - Hills Valley Legacy Reeses
Buyers: Manion & Ayars, OH      Consignor: Hills Valley Farm, NY

$10,500 - Niermans Java Juice
Byers: Main & Vail, NY            Consignor: Ryland Nierman, IN

$10,300 - Cutting Edge V Tory ET
Buyer: Gerrit DeBruin, WI       Consignors: Main & Vail, NY

$10,200 - Blessing Richard Melinda
Buyer: Louie and Garen Oliveira, CA     Consignors: Blessing Farms, IN


Photos by Cheri Oschle, Purebred Publishing